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Producers encouraged to consider FSA options

What a blessing this fall has been. Yes, we started very wet, but we have experienced an extended above average timeline that made for extremely good harvest conditions. I have seen cattle in seasonal pastures later into the fall than ever before.

As the cold weather sets in, we want to remind livestock producers of the Livestock Indemnity Program. This program offers payments to eligible producers for livestock death losses in excess of normal mortality due to adverse weather. Eligible losses may include those determined by FSA to have been caused by various events including blizzards and extreme cold. Producers will be required to provide verifiable documentation of death losses resulting from an eligible adverse weather event and must submit a notice of loss to their local FSA office within 30 calendar days of when the loss of livestock is apparent.

The FSFL Program provides low-cost financing to build or upgrade on-farm storage and handling equipment. Portable or affixed storage and handling equipment, that is either new or used, and certain storage and handling trucks that are new or used is now eligible for financing.

A new FSFL microloan option will offer loans of up to $50,000 (aggregate outstanding balance per producer/operation), with a 5 percent down payment, and reduced documentation for determining the storage capacity need. Regular loans are still available for up to $500,000, with a required 15% down payment and loan terms of three, five, seven, 10 or 12 years depending on the amount borrowed.

The Non-Insured Crop Disaster Assistance Program deadline is fast approaching. Producers will need to contact our office by Nov. 21 if they would like to complete an application for coverage on perennial fruits and vegetables. Honey producers will need to contact our office by Dec. 1.

It is once again election time for the FSA County Committee. Ballots were mailed to eligible voters in LAA No. 2 on Nov. 7 and must be returned to the FSA Office by Dec. 5.

If you are considering CRP as an option on your land, please stop by the Douglas County FSA Office to evaluate your options as soon as possible. Availability may be limited due to the requirements of the 2014 Farm Bill CRP acreage cap. Borrowers who have financing with any direct FSA options should be preparing a year end analysis and making sure that their bookwork is in order.

For more information about these programs, call (320) 763-3191.