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Producers should utilize all available resources

A new year means new opportunities for the producers and landowners here in Douglas County. As many producers lay out their plan for the upcoming year, it is imperative that producers utilize all available resources during these tough agricultural economic times.

The staff at the Douglas FSA office wishes to remind producers of the variety of programs available to assist your farm or ranching enterprise for this new production year. The winter is a great time to come into the office and have your questions answered.

Producers are scheduling appointments to complete the enrollment process for the 2017 production year in the ARC/PLC Program. Completing this process now will eliminate the potential need for completion in the spring when you could be in the tractor. Please notify the office of Farm Records changes for your operations including sales of land, transfer to trust or other entity, death of an owner, new operation of land, or reorganization of farming operations. Farm Operating Plans may need to be updated to reflect any changes made.

As always, notify FSA prior to conducting land clearing or drainage projects to ensure compliance. This may require the need to complete form AD-1026 to verify compliance for program participation.

Producers interested in enrolling or re-enrolling land into the CRP program are asked to stop in the office. The CRP acreage cap implemented with the 2014 farm bill means that enrollment opportunities may be limited. Producers and landowners are reminded to inquire early to identify enrollment opportunities.

Producers seeking assistance with FSA Farm Loan Programs should contact the office as soon as possible. This will assist the staff in providing available services timely; providing funding is available.

The Livestock Indemnity Program provides assistance to eligible producers for livestock death losses in excess of normal mortality due to adverse weather including losses due to hurricanes, floods, blizzards, wildfires, extreme heat or extreme cold and attacks by animals reintroduced into the wild by the federal government or protected by federal law. A notice of loss must be filed with FSA within 30 days of when the loss of livestock is apparent. Participants must provide the following supporting documentation to their local FSA office no later than 90 calendar days after the end of the calendar year in which the eligible loss condition occurred:

• Proof of death documentation is required.

• Copy of growers contracts, if applicable.

• Proof of normal mortality documentation is required.

Contact the Douglas County FSA Office at (320) 763-3191 with any questions or concerns regarding these and other programs administered by the Douglas FSA Office.