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Multiple FSA deadlines are approaching

Deadlines seem to bring out the best in some of us and, at times, the worst in some of us. Without deadlines, we would not have the motivation to chase after our ambitions or our accomplishments.

Completing tasks attached to deadlines gives us a sense of accomplishment and a peace of mind, allowing us to move on to bigger and better projects.

The staff at the FSA office is fully accustomed to a steady flow of deadlines related to the programs that we administer. Following is a list of several of the upcoming deadlines related to FSA program implementation:

• March 13 — Final date to apply for 2016 commodity loans on wheat, oats and barley.

• March 15 — 2017 NAP purchase deadline for spring seeded crops and perennial forage pasture.

• May 31 — Final date to apply for 2016 commodity loans on corn, soybeans and sunflowers.

• May 31 — 2017 Nursery Crop certification deadline.

• July 15 — 2017 annual crop certification and CRP certification deadline.

• Aug. 1 — 2017 ARC/PLC enrollment deadline.

• Continuous CRP Enrollment — Ongoing, based on availability.

Spring is just around the corner. We invite the landowners and producers to stop in the office now and attend to your business. This is a great time to get your questions answered, contracts signed and updates made.

If you have rented any new land, please provide a copy of the lease. If you have purchased land, please provide a copy of the title for updating the ownership in our system.

These applications take a little time. Changes to the farming operation including new entities will require the completion of a new Farm Operating Plan. Completing these now will keep you in the field this spring.

We understand that your time is very valuable. Please call the office to set up a time that works in your schedule, and we will accommodate that time as best as we can: (320) 763-3191, ext. 2.

We wish to remind any Foreign Land Buyers of the Agricultural Foreign Investment Disclosure Act (AFIDA), which requires all foreign owners of U.S. agricultural land to report their holdings to the Secretary of Agriculture. FSA administers this program for the USDA.

In closing, we understand that times are tight for many aspects of agriculture. Planning is crucial to the success of any operation. Take value in what is working and strive to improve upon what is not for the upcoming production year. We are here to help with the variety of programs that are offered through FSA.

Best of luck with your venture for 2017.