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Letter: Where is real need for new school?

To the editor:

Regarding the referendum vote for the Brandon-Evansville School. Let's say you're a typical hard-working parent. You don't have much, but what you do have is yours. You live paycheck to paycheck, yet you continue to push forward. You know you're not alone in this, but it's the norm now days.

Unexpectedly, your car breaks down. Great! Another expense you can't afford. You take it to the mechanic who says it'll cost $500 or more to fix. You'll have to alter your already tight budget to fix it. While you're not happy about this, you accept it as it's just part of owning a car. While fixing your car, he calls to tell you that there are more problems than initially thought. Now that bill has just multiplied two or three times. You'll have to get a loan. You think, "If I'm getting a loan, maybe I should just get a new car." You've always wanted a new car, but life kept preventing this from happening. You decide to give this more serious thought.

You come to your senses and decide you don't really need a new car. You just want one. The look, the feel and that new car smell. You deserve it. However, now is not the time, you're struggling financially as it is. Besides, with basic maintenance, this one will last a long time and serve you well. Not to mention, you won't have that large loan looming over you now — when you can least afford it. Down the road, you'll be able to better afford a new car, now is not the time. You prefer to live within your means.

Neither town is booming with business or population. We've seen and heard the want. Where is the real need for the new school?

Jeffrey D. Hoffmann

Evansville, MN