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Letter: Vote on school referendum with open mind

To the editor:

I am a retired high school principal living in the Brandon-Evansville School District. Before I retired, I was principal of the Lakeview High School. Lakeview School is made up of Cottonwood and Wood Lake. Before they built the present school, each community had its own school. Both schools were in need of repair. At times, students and staff needed to travel between the schools.

They decided to build one school to serve both communities. The site selected was on the edge of Cottonwood. They built a school that served all the needs of students. Open enrollment helped increase the number of students, along with growth of the communities. Because of this, they added on to the school a few years ago.

I can see this happening here, if the vote is passed to build a new school.

One concern I have, and I am sure many other people have, is how much my taxes will go up. (A tax calculator is on the Brandon-Evansville School District's website. You may also qualify for a property tax refund. Go to and search for homestead credit refund.) I do understand the concerns people in Evansville have about what will happen to their property value if they do not have a school and the grocery store closes.

Please consider all the facts, then vote with an open mind.

George Davis

Evansville, MN