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Letter: Focus on teaching, not on building

To the editor:

After reading material sent out to the public, attending some meetings and talking to people regarding District 2908's proposed referendum, I'm compelled to write this.

It saddens me to have our two communities at odds because of the current referendum being considered. It seems from information distributed, that one community expects an influx of businesses and population that will bring new monies to it. It seems from attending meetings that the other community fears loss of businesses, revenues and identity.

It saddens me when I know people with limited income are struggling with today's ever-increasing costs of their basic needs and a large tax increase will add to that struggle.

It saddens me when I see someone on Facebook who is willing to work a third job to pay for the extra cost this referendum incurs. When will that person have time to spend with their children?

Perhaps we should step back for a time and instead of spending our money on a consultant who pretty much guaranteed a new building for the district, we should think about hiring a consultant who can suggest ways to improve educational services to our children.

I've spent most of my work career in a school in the Special Ed department. I have a deep concern for the educational needs of children. In all those years I have witnessed and learned many things. One of the most important things I have learned is that a building does not give our kids a great education; it's the teaching in the building that gives our kids a great education.

Carol Herzog

Brandon, MN