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Letter: NFL protests during anthem dishonor vets

To the editor:

The NFL no longer exists for me. The rash of new "protests" toward our

National Anthem/flag has reached beyond the point of utter ignorance.

Their callous disrespect of our National Anthem/Flag dishonors all of us who served

in the military and especially those who gave their lives to defend this

great nation under our symbol of freedom, the flag.

Disrespecting and dishonoring it is the same as dishonoring and disrespecting all of us. Yes,

I take it personally, I am an American and am ashamed of all those who do

this. They need to take a day away from the mansions they live in and take

their luxury car and drive to visit a veterans care facility after they visit

Arlington Cemetery.

They have zero appreciation for their freedom to earn astounding salaries in a nation who gives them the freedom to do it. No amount of money they can contribute to any charity can make up for the shame they have brought on us. If they don't want to take three minutes to reflect on

this great nation then (and I am trying to hold my Christian mouth here) they can go jump in a lake.

I encourage every vet and those serving to contact the NFL on this.

Roger Hegland

Alexandria, MN