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Letter: Neo-Nazis' actions not lawful

To the editor:

No, we will not let hatred win and divide us.

Lowell Anderson, in his "Will we let hatred divide us?" column, failed to tell the whole story of the Civil War. First, there were many causes that led to the Civil War. Sure, slavery was one and is generally considered to be the main cause but there were lots of political and cultural differences also.

Surely many Confederate soldiers may have had the belief that they had a right to govern themselves but history doesn't reveal this to be the most important cause of the Civil War.

What caused the Civil War: states' rights, slavery, election of Abraham Lincoln, the rapid expansion of the United States of America, others.

For Mr. Anderson to conclude that the Confederate soldiers were fighting for what our country was founded on is not what our real history reveals.

Yes, the Supremacists had a license to march in the streets but I strongly believe not to display radical, anti-Semitism threats with flaming torches and screams of hatred.

I agree with Mr. Anderson that America was founded on the freedom to hold different views and to express them in an appropriate and lawful way. The neo-Nazis marching in any parade doing what they did is not what this Korean War Veteran sees as appropriate or lawful.

Charles O. Pirila

Alexandria, MN