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Letter: No solutions from demonstrations

To the editor:

Civil unrest is growing. People went to Virginia to get into a fight. They fought and even died. And for what? No real cause was championed. No problems were solved. There was only hate, injuries and death.

Some will blame Trump. Some will blame the Democrats and their "Resist" movement. The real reason lies much deeper than that. There is a lack of discipline in the home, at school and at college. Too little respect for the other person. Too much putting our self ahead of everyone else. We need to learn from our past, not destroy it. We need to be more accepting of other people's principles instead of trying to change them. Most of all we need to concentrate on the real problems that face our nation rather than making new problems.

It was once said, "Bring me solutions, not problems." I have one. You want your college paid for? You want free medical? Want to learn when to speak and when to listen? Want to appreciate your country, learn about honor, discipline and respect? Then join the service. Too few people are not taking advantage of what the service has to offer. Too many are in need of what the service does for their character and it shows.

There will be media coverage of the causes of the violence but there will be no solutions coming out of these demonstrations. JFK once said "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." Pay your way like so many others have done by doing something constructive rather than destructive and we will all be better for it.

Richard Thompson

Alexandria, MN