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Letter: Never ever abandon a pet

To the editor:

To someone, somewhere:

Three and a half years ago, we adopted your cat from the Lakes Area Humane Society. We were told that you had abandoned him and we've since wondered why. What had he done that you just didn't care? Obviously you didn't care about his feelings, for he would have had to feel unloved, afraid, lost and alone, without any hope. Or maybe your thought was that Bentley is just a cat, what does it matter anyway?

Fortunately for Bentley, the Lakes Area Humane Society came to his rescue before it was too late. A little underweight and in need of help, they took him in and gave him care, food, shelter and most of all, love.

We weren't sure we were going to get a cat the day we went to the Lakes Area Humane Society, but the minute we picked Bentley out of his pen and held him in our arms, we knew — your cat had just become ours and Bentley was going home to stay.

Thank you to the Lakes Area Humane Society for loving and caring for him in his time of need, but especially for allowing us to adopt him and make him a part of our family. Bentley is a very precious and loved little guy. So, you see, Bentley wasn't just a cat.

To everyone everywhere, if you have a pet you no longer want, or can't, or won't take care of bring them to the Lakes Area Humane Society. Never ever abandon them. If you are considering getting a pet, I urge you to go to the LAHS and adopt a pet. The love you receive from an adopted pet is like none other you've ever known.

Cheryl and Gary Anderson

Alexandria, MN